How To Treat Anxiety Disorder - Identify Your Stress

How To Treat Anxiety Disorder - Identify Your Stress

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How To Treat Anxiety Disorder Identify Your Stress

If you are chronically anxious, you are perpetually in the flight/fight mode. This is why you feel so tense and keyed up: Your brain, aware of danger, has released stress hormones and activated your sympathetic nervous system to ready your body for quick action. This explains your pumped up heart rate, which energizes your body, your fast breath-ing, which gives you more oxygen, your sweaty hands, which help to cool your body, and your tense muscles, which ready you for running or punching.

But, since you are generally responding to threatselicited by stressful or disturbing thoughts, ratherthan any real physical danger, theres no one to punch and nowhere to run and therefore no way to release all this energy. It is this pent-up adrenaline that triggers the feeling of anxiety and creates stress. Eventually, this stress drains you and wears you out, as Hans Selye, the father of stress research, first outlined in what he called the general adaptation syndrome.

Physical illness, mental duress and self-destructive habits are all red flags. Your body, which has built-in mechanisms for preventing its own self-destruction, is giving you a warning sign: slow down.

Selye described three stages of physiological change set off by stress:

Alarm: An alarm reaction mobilizes the body and prepares it for flight-or-fight.

Resistance: If the stress is not removed, your body continues to cope with it by sympathetic nervous system activation and hormonal release, though not at levels as high as when in the alarm reaction. In this stage, the body attempts to restore energy, repair damage, and bolster resistance to noxious stimuli and illnesses, such as infectious diseases.

Exhaustion: If the stressful stimuli or responses are not diminished, your body becomes overworked and depleted of its normal energy reserves. Resistance to disease decreases and you become vulnerable to diseases of adaptation—from allergies and hives to ulcers and coronary heart disease—and, ultimately, to death.

When you suffer an attack of nerves, youre being attacked by the nervous system. What chance has a man got against a system?—Russell Hoban, b.1925, US writer and illustrator.

Stress wears you down both physically and mentally, and you become more vulnerable to depression, GAD, panic attacks and phobias. Stress also makes you more prone to self-destructive behaviour. When keyed-up and agitated, people feel as if in danger and take immediate self-protection to lower their level of autonomic arousal or anxiety. You let off steam by screaming at your child or kicking your dog. You reach for a cigarette, a candy bar, a beer or a joint habits that can, in excess, further compromise your health. It is only after you calm down that you can exam-ine your behavior and its long-term consequences; while agitated, your only concern is getting through the next ten minutes. Thus, as long as you remain stressed, the self-destructive behavior continues.

See if you can identify your stress:

Too hot, too cold, too stuffy at home

Too hot, too cold, too stuffy at work

Bothered by feel of clothing on your skin

Unable to say “no” to requests

Difficulty in expressing thoughts and feelings

Overwhelmed with responsibility (especially for children)

Lack of recognition or approval from others

Fear of danger, like rape or being mugged

Empty nest as children leave home

Relatives or best friend moving away

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