Suddenly cold and hot will affect fetal development - Pregnancy Health

Suddenly cold and hot will affect fetal development - Pregnancy Health

Suddenly cold and hot will affect fetal development - Pregnancy Health

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Suddenly cold and hot will affect fetal development

Adults can feel hot and cold changes, and add or reduce the clothing. Will fetus in the mother’s womb be affected by temperature changing?

We know that, under normal circumstances, the amniotic fluid to maintain a certain temperature, the fetus in the amniotic fluid has been protected. However, over-cold or overheated environment is not good to growth and development of the fetus.

Pregnant women, living in hot environment, not only will lead to a emotional irritability, and it is also very unfavorable to fetus.

You must pay attention to the air-conditioning in the summer and heater in the winter. Now, almost all the building are equipped with air-conditioning, banks, department stores, cinemas, air-conditioning are particularly strong. Prolonged stay in air-conditioned room, the fetus would not have good effects. For example, pregnant women living in the cold, blood vessels to contract, easily leads to uterine contraction. Rapid uterine contraction would cause a pain. At this time, for an early pregnancy, may cause miscarriage, for a late pregnancy, there is the risk of preterm birth, even if not so, it would be uncomfortable to fetus.

In other words, although the fetus is protected in the amniotic fluid though, but do not forget that the fetus is still naked.

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