Winter skin care tips for women were all neglected element

Winter skin care tips for women were all neglected element

Cold winter weather to make women''s skin becomes dry, but usually used in skin care cosmetics in the winter but lost its original effectiveness. In fact, skin care in winter, we have neglected some very important aspects. Here you opened a small women''s winter skin care tips, skin care in winter so you get rid of the error.

Tips 1: essence, cream large swap position

In general, the essence emphasizes in-depth maintenance, accelerate cell metabolism, potent supplement and other effects. When environmental changes cause significant discomfort or dry dull skin, the effect is even better with Essence.

Use cream, be sure to use skin care program in the third layer, which is cleansing, toning water after use. And do not use in the emulsion, not only the essence, because the essence of Essence emulsion composition can only be absorbed through the skin which can not be absorbed.

Skills II: efficacy of color with red muscle with massage skin care products must be effective

The efficacy of the product with ruddy skin, containing more than trace elements manganese, polysaccharides, moisturizing agents, filling a long time and lock skin moisture, skin surface smooth, healthy glow to show the beautiful color.

Use of such products, not just painting a circle on the bin, the action you want to add massage is effective in the secret. Massage can promote the capillaries and lymphatic absorption of nutrients, increased skin temperature, accelerate blood circulation and nutrient delivery to the skin, the skin is full of rosy sheen.

Skills III: Cell-care products are not suitable for everyone

Scientists have been the source of the beauty of the skin - cells completely resolved, the cell will go beyond skin care and care of modern skin care new opportunities. Emphasized the effectiveness of care with cells. These products are more suitable for tired skin, thirsty skin or aging skin.