swollen finger joint healthcool

swollen finger joint  healthcool

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Hello, a few months ago i was suffering with a problem concerning my thumb at the base on wrist on my right hand giving me a lot of pain and it felt very restricted. Now i am having the same problem with my first finger on the right hand! When i try to bend it i get pain and it feels like it is restricted, plus it is also swollen at the joints. I went to my GP about my thumb but was told that it was just a muscle strain and was prescribed a gell to rub on it. But as i have Osteoarthritis in top & base of my spine am wondering if my other joints are suffering. Although i am now 53 now, when i was diagnosed with Osteoarthritis i was only 42!

Anyone had anything similar would appreciate some help or advice

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it sounds to me like the begining of arthritis. If you have osteoarthritis already, then it is possible that this condition is spreading to your other joints, and nothing to do with strained muscles.

Anti-inflammatory medication like Brufen or Diclofenac might help. However, there is no cure for arthritis, it can only be managed so that you can still have a good quality of life.

You can also be referred to a rheumatologist , and they can try other medications which might help to slow down the disease process. Try to speak to your doctor again. In the meantime try hot and cold compresses on the inflammations, and take some supplements like cod liver oil, glucosmaine etc, and herbal remedies from the health food shops.

Another possibility is that it might be gout.

Thanks very much i too think it might be arthritis as it has effected different joints! My brother in law suffers with gout and the symptoms are nothing like he has so don’t think it is that.As i have osteoarthritis and have for some years now feel its more likely to be that!Have been taking cod liver oil and glucosamine

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