Secrets Of Telepathic Humans

Secrets Of Telepathic Humans

Telepathy – When we call a person telepathic’ what do we really mean? And why do many people not think that telepathy even exists? Many people just dismiss the idea as a science fiction or even mysticism. However, everyday we live with lap tops, TV’s and cell phones where information is retrieved from invisible radio waves in the air. People travel daily in jets regularly and anyone can command a glowing fire from a cigarette lighter.

Is has been said that a sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. The human race has used science and technology to learn things about the natural world we never knew. We’ve done things that were considered impossible flights of fancy just a hundred years ago. We’ve had men walk on the bottoms of the oceans and on the surface of the moon (and we did it with technology that, by today’s standards, seems primitive). We can gather energy from the sun, the wind, and the water. And anyone can have a small device in their pocket that allows them to talk to anyone anywhere in the world. But this isn’t magic, its science right?

Is it that much of a stretch to consider the possibility that someone really could be Telepathic, but that they simply operate under scientific principles we don’t yet understand?

Investigation, by scientists, of people who are telepathic, is called parapsychology or paraphysics. Even those who investigate this use scientific methods and experiments to get answers to questions on telepathy regardless of what the answer may be or whether its the answer they are looking for.

Telepathic individuals and who are subjects of these experiments, produced results completely tantalizing and less than desired to be proven scientifically. To do this you must have results that are consistent, measurable and repeatable. However, scientific investigation is not perfect. Although the results have been inconsistent and not always able to be duplicated does not in itself prove that individuals are not Telepathic. It only really proves we have lots to learn and a need for more advanced procedures to be developed for testing for telepathy.

How is it possible there are individuals who are Telepathic? How do they communicate with only their minds without using all their other senses? Obviously it is by a means not understood completely. One that doesnt involve hearing, taste, smell or touch, but nevertheless exists. Think what can be done using our advanced communication technology. You can’t see, feel, smell or touch radio waves, but we all know they exist.

There is a new concept being discussed which is the idea of ‘Thought waves’. These are defined as an electrical and magnetic fiend generated by the brain and these have been proven to exist. This is the keystone that scientific Telepathic studies rest on. We’ll try to explain it in layman’s terms, but it may get a little complicated, so just bear with us.

The thoughts of a human is a biochemical process. The process of nervous impulse being transferred from one neuron to another. This transfer of nervous impulses creates an electrical current – minute, but it can be measured. This current generates a very small magnetic field where the brain has thousands of these synapses firing.

Can this bio-electric and bio-magnetic field be used by humans to communicate mind-to-mind? Do these electrical and magnetic waves carry content, or just the brain equivalent of meaningless static? Can people use mental training to control these brain waves? Can techniques like meditation or controlled thought be used to shape these brain waves into meaningful communication?

Does it mean telepathy exists if we call an individual ‘telepathic’? Most people do not believe this to be true. They simply do not believe it to be real and dismiss the idea as science fiction or mysticism. We live everyday with computers (all kinds) and cell phones. These items all use invisible waves, in the air, to function and people travel daily, thousands of people, in computer controlled jets.

Can there possibly be a way to amplify the magnetic and electrical fields of the human brain? For example during an emotionally heightened state, such as shock, fear, pain, or the feeling of danger. A temporary spike in bio-magnetic and bio-electrical is created by the neural synapses firing in the brain.

Parapsychology researchers documented brief periods of Telepathic communication. Instances such as a parent (usually a mother) when her child has been hurt when miles from each other. Is there a connection between the spiking of such brain activity and communication telepathically? Do two individuals, related to each other, play a part in telepathy? Or coincidence?

Too little scientific evidence exists to prove, without a doubt, telepathy is factual. However, this is gradually changing. More and more studies are being conducted and show humans are telepathic and with proper instruction and training can develop this ability.

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