Living the Healthy Way » running

Living the Healthy Way » running

Living the Healthy Way » running

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I’m a runner, one who trains for long distance races like 10-milers, ½ marathons and marathons. My typical base mileage is in the 40- to 45-mile per week range, higher when prepping for marathons. You’d think that all that running would mean the freedom to eat just about anything I want without gaining weight. Well, you’d think wrong!

While running, and other forms of calorie-burning exercises like it, is a great way to fire up the metabolism, it doesn’t give you free reign at the buffet line. In fact, I’ve learned that because I’m so active, it’s even more important to fuel my body with healthy foods in reasonable quantities.

I use a sensible approach to my nutrition. If you’re new to running or other endurance sports, here are a few tips to keep in mind when it comes to your diet:

Eat enough healthy carbs to fuel your efforts

Use protein to recover from long or hard training sessions

Incorporate calcium—especially if you are female—to help keep your skeletal system strong

Keep sweets, alcohol, and mindless extra snacking in check

With a no nonsense approach to your nutrition, you’ll find that you have the energy you need for your workouts, without the extra calories you don’t.

Amanda Loudin is a freelance writer and runner. She’s also in the process of becoming a certified running coach through Road Runner Clubs of America (RRCA).You can find more interesting and useful information on her blog: Misszippy